Pakistani Pilgrimage Tours:

  • The multi hued country, Pakistan is probably the ultimate destination of all kinds of pilgrims following any faith around the world. The great religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism are the integral part of Pakistani culture and heritage whose values and faiths are mingled with the air, soil and the sky of Pakistan. You can feel the blissful serenity of the Pakistani atmosphere where Lord Buddha, Jain and Guru Nanak once walked turning the Pakistani soil pious and blessed at the different circle of time wheel. There are numerous destinations in Pakistan which are considered sacred by people following different faith because of their religious importance. A visit to the Taxilla or Takht Bhai will take you to the Lord Budha and Ashok periods of time and you can feel the immense divinity in the air itself. The divine Buddha pilgrimage sites, Swat , Jamal Gari, Takht Bai, Shahbaz Gari are the destinations of thousands of Buddhist pilgrims every year coming from each and every corner of the earth.

  • A pilgrimage tour in the divine land of Pakistan will surely bring all the faces of Pakistani devotions and you will be moved by seeing the unconditional faiths and beliefs of the Pakistanese for the God, who may have any name or identity. Your spirituality and devotion is sure to attain a new height after a pilgrimage tour in Pakistan and who knows, you may return home with an enlightenment which you have searched for all your life.

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