FIT / GIT Tours:

  • Based on above differences, the rate for FIT is often higher than GIT. FIT tour is recommended for couples or family because the rate is not much higher but you receive much care and attention from the tour operators. They also customize the itinerary to meet your needs and interests.

  • If you travel alone, you'd better join GIT because you can save money, enjoy the tour with other people so you will not be alone in a strange country.

  • FIT stands for Free Independent Travelers (or Tourists). It means a small number of tourists (usually fewer than 5 persons or couples) who take packaged tours at a time of their own choice. They eschew mass tourism and the holiday package concept promoted by Travel operators, in favour of a more individualistic approach to travel.

  • On contrary, GIT stands for Group Inclusive Tour. It is a travel program with a special fare and specific requirements (usually a minimum number of persons often more than 5 persons traveling as a group throughout the tour).

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